Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's been a while i know.

My connection has been so sucky lately that my dramas and tv shows take forever to complete. So while waiting for them to complete, and since i'm having sem break right now (2 weeks only) =(, I try to find things to do other than Facebook and Twitter. I started googling for movies to watch, and surfing the net. Suddenly the thought of this person's blog came to my mind. Therefore i decided to check that person's blog out (although it has not been updated for a long time). I went to this person's blog is because i felt like reading that person's particulars though i've read some before. This was so random, and i don't even know why. After going through a few posts, i started thinking about that person, and hoped for that person to be next to me right now. Though i already know that person's past, i just want to read them again or remind myself about it (for tonight). Right now i feel holding that person.

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Esther Teoh said...

finally yr blog is not private anymore..i have changed my blog link into

take care babe :)